Cambodia’ capital is a surprising city. The sound, the noise, the smells make it a typical Southeast Asia country. Phnom Penh is also the perfect place to see the buildings of the colonial period that recall the troubled past of the region.
It is this mixture of cultures that confers its charm to the Khmer’s capital.

Here is a short list of things to do in Phnom Penh:

The Phnom Penh International Film Festival is an annual non-competitive festival held every year in the fall in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is hosted by Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, endorsed by UNESCO.

Sambor Prei Kuk has been designated a Unesco World Heritage site on the 8th of July 2017, making it the third temple complex in Cambodia to be listed.

Any vegetarian or vegan knows that finding meat- and dairy-free options can take a bit more planning while traveling. But you will be surprised by how vegetarian-friendly Cambodia is. With a few tips, you can easily enjoy the wide array of meatless and dairy-free delights that Cambodia has to offer. We also have cards in Khmer you can print out and take to restaurants.

Cambodia has undoubtedly come a very long way since the dark days of the Khmer Rouge and the battles and torture that raged through the country for decades. The smiling faces that welcome tourists display the optimism and contentment of a people grateful for what they have. Tourism is good for Cambodia and its local people but you should be aware of some realities before traveling to Cambodia. We thought of a list of things to do or not to do for those who wish to travel to Cambodia in a responsible way.

The Khmer are by far the largest ethnic group in Cambodia, alongside smaller numbers of other Southeast Asian peoples.

The Kingdom of Khmer and the magnificent Angkor! Our 13-day tour has been designed to give travelers a more in-depth look at Cambodia, its people, historical sites, and countryside.Battambang, Siem Reap, Kampong Cham, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and plenty other wonderful places, Cambodia will amaze you.

Traveling to Cambodia means traveling to a country of contrasts, where tradition and wild countryside meet charismatic yet chaotic urban areas. By opening its borders in the 90s, Cambodia has revealed to the World its pristine yet wild beaches, spectacular and traditional countrysides and rugged National Parks. Here is some advice for you to prepare before coming to Cambodia.

Khmer is similar to other Southeast Asian countries regarding its pronunciation and writing. Even if Khmer is only spoken in Cambodia, over 14 million people speak this language. 

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