Cambodia’s living cost depends on how who wish to travel: as a Cambodian or as a “Western”. In any case, you should know that touristic trips can be quite expensive but everyday life is not!

If you decide to travel to Cambodia, you will have the chance to experience a world whose values, etiquette, and traditions are very different from those in the West. 

Apsara dance is the commonly used term to describe the traditional Cambodian dance form that was previously practiced in the royal palaces. No visit to Cambodia is complete without attending at least one performance.

Cambodian food has long been overshadowed by its Thai and Vietnamese cousins. If you decide to travel to Cambodia, you will have the chance to learn about this much-misunderstood cuisine and enjoy its unique charms.

Traveling to Cambodia means traveling to a country of contrasts, where tradition and wild countryside meet charismatic yet chaotic urban areas. By opening its borders in the 90s, Cambodia has revealed to the World its pristine yet wild beaches, spectacular and traditional countrysides and rugged National Parks.

Cambodia has for a long time been considered as an unsecured country. But now thanks to new infrastructures and the money invested in security, Cambodia is as safe as any other developing country. It is now possible to wander in town and in the countryside at any time of the day or night.

Bokator/Boxkator, or more formally, Labokator (to fight like a lion) is possibly the oldest existing fighting system in Cambodia and one of the earliest Khmer martial art. It is considered as a predecessor of Southeast Asian kickboxing styles.

Tips are not mandatory in Cambodia but it is still appreciated. It is, for example, a way to express your satisfaction regarding a guide’s or even a masseur’s services.  

Cambodia is a developing country. Therefore, public transport is limited. You will have to be patient when visiting Cambodia as you will discover a totally different way of traveling. One thing we are sure of, it will be an adventure!

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