There are no compulsory vaccinations if you travel to Cambodia but it may be necessary to consult your doctor in order to have his/her opinion. You should particularly pay attention to Tetanus (make sure that you are up to date with immunizations) and to Hepatitis A and B vaccines (We suggest that you get vaccinated). If you travel during the monsoon period, Japanese encephalitis should also be considered. Moreover, we suggest you get vaccinated against rabies, typhoid if planning on going to the countryside. If you wish to spend some time in the jungle or on islands, you should take anti-malaria treatments.

As for clothes, temperatures never go under 20 °C during the night so you should bring light clothes. If visiting temples, pagodas and other sacred sites, you will have to wear something covering your shoulders and legs. Except for these places, you are free to wear shorts and flip flops if you want. Do not forget to bring sports shoes too if you wish to trek or walk a lot. Be aware that it is difficult to find large size shoes and clothes in Asia!

Regarding medicines, you can easily find chemists in big cities but we suggest that you bring your own medicines as the quality in Cambodia is not as controlled as in Western countries and it can be more expensive.
You can use American dollars and Riels in Cambodia but dollars are more often used. This is why we suggest you bring some dollars with you.

In tropical countries like Cambodia, we suggest that you bring more than necessary to avoid any trouble during your trip.

  • Anti-malaria treatments if you wish to travel to the jungle or to islands
  • 2 or 3 identity photos and some dollars for the visa if you decided to obtain it on arrival at the airport or at the border if coming from Vietnam, Laos or Thailand
  • Your address book if you wish to send postcards!
  • Different types of shoes for every occasion. It is hard to find shoes which size is larger than 7.5 (US) and 6 (UK)
  • Medicines for stomach aches which often occur in tropical countries
  • Lozenges to purify tap water
  • Cotton clothes are usually more comfortable
  • A raincoat or a poncho if traveling during the monsoon season (from July to October)
  • What to keep you busy when traveling from one place to another
  • A first-aid kit with essential medicines such as painkillers, dressings, mosquito repellents, antiemetic, medicines to prevent allergies, etc. If you have a chronic illness, please consult your doctor.
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothes long enough to visit sacred sites
  • Suncream
  • If you travel with a lot of medicines, you should bring the prescription
  • Your passport and a copy of it in case you loose it
  • Your driving license and a road map if you plan on renting a car
  • Ladies: Tampons (nearly impossible to find) and sanitary towels (not the same quality than in Western countries)


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