Landmines in Cambodia

Most of the country has been cleared of mines and it is now nearly impossible to find a sign suggesting to be careful about possible mines. In fact, a large campaign was launched in the 90s to clear all touristic sites of mines. Some small and isolated villages haven't been cleared yet but there are no reasons for tourists to go there.

Security in town

As in any country around the world, robberies can occur in your hotel room or on the street. This is why we suggest you always travel with a copy of your passport, just in case. Try to avoid small and not well-lit streets and you should be fine. One more thing: Take good care when choosing your tuk-tuk in the evenings as some drivers might be too drunk to drive properly.

Except that, you should have peace of mind and enjoy your trip with your friends and family!

PS: You can find a special police in Siem Reap for tourists only! It can be useful to know that as they are used to deal with tourists’ issues!


Road Safety

You will quickly notice that the Highway Code doesn’t exist in Cambodia and it can get quite chaotic in cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. If you rent a bike or a motorbike, be careful and try to do as local do which means do not hesitate to honk when it is necessary!


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