Traveling to Cambodia means traveling to a country of contrasts, where tradition and wild countryside meet charismatic yet chaotic urban areas. By opening its borders in the 90s, Cambodia has revealed to the World its pristine yet wild beaches, spectacular and traditional countrysides and rugged National Parks.

From the tropical islands and fishing villages in the South to the vast tropical wilderness and mountain waterfalls in the North without missing a trip to the Mekong River, our tours in Cambodia will take you to an exciting yet still emerging country.

If spending your holidays in Cambodia with us, we guarantee, thanks to years of experience, that not only will you see Cambodia’s “must see” destinations but also Cambodia’s less touristic and unknown secrets.

Admire beautiful scenery, and several Kampongs on our journey to Siem Reap - a verdant countryside, where life seems to flow slowly. This discovery approach will allow you to understand more deeply the History of a civilization that shown more than a thousand years ago! Talking about the temples of Angkor, today only the well-preserved ruins of the temples and religious buildings built by a succession of Hindu and Buddhist kings remain. You will have the feeling to discover a lost kingdom. The Khmers have left Angkor with an invaluable heritage, a great pride in Cambodia.


Discover other ancient temples and wonderful sites in the immediate surrounds of Siem Reap before embarking on a boat cruise to Battambang, the perfect blend of relatively urban modernity and small-town friendliness. Visit some important historical sites in and around the town before departing for Phnom Penh, stopping on our journey to visit several townships. Discover Phnom Penh, known as the “Pearl of Asia”, with a thorough guided tour of the capital city.

Travel by private car towards the city of Kompong Cham, past gorgeous rice fields growing in the rich, red fertile soil.
Hear the story of the local ‘hill men’ and ‘hill women’.

Do not hesitate! Come and meet Cambodia, “the smiling country!” We would be pleased to organize your trip to Cambodia. It will be a wonderful discovery that will give you nostalgic feelings as well as extraordinary experiences.


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